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Our main areas of operations are reparation and construction related works.

Our team is proficient to arrange everything this entails, from interior works to the exterior final finish. We are also carrying out restoration works and we are happy to help you with smaller works whether that be a simple paint reparation or furniture installation.


Fix Bouw is a construction brand and operating under business named FIX BOUW BV which duly organized construction and labour company. Fix Bouw is mainly specialized to carry out reparation and new building related works. Fix Bouw brings together a group of people who have broad-ranging knowledge and experience in their field.

Our mission is to maintain a high standard of quality in renovation services and in new-builds. We want to make sure that during the renovation all older structures are restored as required and the new buildings are guided by professionals who follow precisely all the rules, to achieve the best possible result. We feel that a high-quality construction service is what creates good customer satisfaction and shores up our position on the market. Building trust with quality!  


Our long experience in the construction sector has given us many challenges and throw out the challenges we have to got the knowledge to carry out all sorts of construction related works. Our main priority is the quality and satisfaction of our client. To accomplish it we follow the newest construction standards and thank our years of experience we deliver only quality work.


Fix Bouw carries out all kinds of facade related works.

Renovating a privet house or apartment

We can help you with renovation works such as change of floors, ceiling, walls, windows, doors, furniture paint and strip down the whole interior and building new.

New construction

Whether you are looking for a builder for privet houses or apartments, we can offer you the process from the zero til handling the keys.

Installation of furniture and electric equipment

If you are having trouble by installing your newly bought furniture or home electrical equipment, contact us and we can help you.

Smaller electricity works

Electricity can be dangerous in any way, so if you are unsure about your skills and knowloge whether it would be a change of lamp bulb, fuses, old cables or switches, itś better to contact us and we will handle it.

Building fences and garages

Need a nice fence around your home or a place for your car contact us.

Interior works, final finish

We carry out interior works such as the installation of floors, walls, ceilings, house isolation and also we are happy to help you with a final finish such as plastering and painting works.

Demolition works

We carry out all kinds of demolition works.



Fix Bouw is always ready to help you! Feel free to contact us!

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